Livacreative is a design brand name by Livins Varghese and he is a Multidisciplinary Designer (Graphic, Product, Sustainable design) from the beautiful southern part of India, currently residing in Berlin, Germany. With a Master degree in Integrated Design from Dessau, Germany and a Bachelors degree in Multi-media (Visual Communication) from Kottayam, India.

He holds academic and professional experience in Graphic design -brand/corporate identity, illustration, design research, design thinking, concept development, UI design, SMO(Social media advertising), sustainable product design, product/concept photography.

He loves to venture into daily creative adventures of Design & Art to generate and create context-driven solutions and expressions, through sustainable practices. He runs a weekend upcycling project called, Project REINC. The project basically collects the 50s-60s tube radios and give a new life using wireless audio technology. He also works as a graphic design/brand design consultant with different food popups, restaurants, business related services all over germany specifically in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich at the moment.

In his free time, he listens to music and makes ambient experimental music. Also, he makes upcycled speakers.